Practical experience from a group of master teachers

Interactive live teaching

Trained more than 100,000 outstanding investors

Proven results in the field

Prop Trader Trading Challenge

Earn up to $100,000 in trading funds with a one-step challenge and enjoy 80% profit sharing, reach your trading dreams!

Master Traders - Your Trading Mentor

A number of top instructors from Asia are brought together to provide investors with a comprehensive investment learning experience, helping you to grow rapidly on your trading journey.



  • 6 years trading experience
  • Earned 100x profits in 3 years
  • Multiple implemented and proven EA strategies.
Cikgu Awi


  • 14 years trading experience
  • Produce more than 5000 successful traders
  • Provide Solutions For Traders including entry signals and trading skills
Hoàng Dzũng


  • 9 years of professional trading experience
  • 6 consecutive years of average annualized returns of more than 100%
  • In-depth trading strategies and practical training to enhance students' trading skills


  • 5 years of financial hosting experience
  • Over 300 live broadcast hosting experience
  • Experienced trainers sharing unique market insights

Real-time live trading
Interactive learning

Every night, we meet with investors and deepen our understanding of the market through live commentary and real-time interaction. Through the live interactive process of the game, learning more dynamic trading skills are more refined.

VIP Privilege
Customized Services

M.T.I. recognizes the unique value of each VIP investor and has created multiple levels of privileges and customized services. The higher the level of membership, the more exceptional the experience will be.

Tailored Programs - Become an expert

From novice to expert, we have a complete learning roadmap for you.

Basic 101

Master Traders, Advanced Trading Strategists

Self-employed trading leaders

Specialized coaching to avoid detours and gain practical trading experience.

Investment banking tactics

Get out of the retail mindset and embrace investment bank trading techniques.

Student Success Stories - Sharing your achievements with you

Through the real learning and trading experiences of our students, you will be able to experience their journey of growth. Your feedback is our motivation to improve and enhance our services!


I am Thảo from Vietnam. Before joining M.T.I., I was curious but slightly confused about trading. At M.T.I., I not only learned how to trade, but more importantly, how to face the ups and downs of trading. There was one challenge that I almost gave up, but in the end I persevered, which taught me patience and perseverance. Now, not only have I made progress in trading, but I have also started to help other Vietnamese students by sharing my experience and lessons with them. M.T.I. has helped me realize my potential and opened my eyes to a bigger world.


Hello, I am Rahman, a trading enthusiast from Malaysia. Learning at M.T.I. has transformed me from a spectator to an active participant. I remember one time I made my first trade on a live broadcast, following my teacher's advice, although it was just a small bullish trade...


I am Aisyah, a new trader from Malaysia. At M.T.I. I found my trading style.

Building the Dream of Transaction - Achieve Extraordinary Results

Embark on a learning journey with M.T.I. to inspire your trading intelligence. Join us and start your extraordinary journey as a professional trader and write a great chapter of trading success together!